Bakeries and pastry shops have been regular retail partners for Elliniki Sfoliata from day one. These perennial neighborhood stores serve hundreds of customers every day, significantly increasing demand for frozen pastry products.

Today, we are proud to have served that demanding retail sector in the best way possible with daily deliveries to small mom-and-pop stores and big franchise outlets.

From the company’s wide range of high-quality frozen goods, bakery and pastry shop customers mostly go for the traditional pies with country-style filo pastry and the various mini pies, our mouthwatering bite-sized delicacies.

Our power is our partnerships

Since its founding in 1998, Elliniki Sfoliata has collaborated with multiple businesses from different foodservice, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Our first and foremost priority has always been to properly honor every partnership and actively support our partners. That’s why we always try to meet their needs with concrete solutions and constantly optimize our production cost, speed, and quality.

It’s our way of rightfully earning our partners’ trust and building longstanding, mutually beneficial business relationships. Such partnerships provide us with intangible capital to build upon while expanding our business and clientele across new markets, domestic and global.


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