Small or large convenience stores and 24-hour shops have been gaining ground in the Greek retail market for some time. Many provide customers snacks and quick meals, like pastry products, throughout the day.

As frozen goods suppliers, we collaborate with convenience store chains with country-wide coverage, delivering our products across Greece daily to meet the needs of a rising market.

Elliniki Sfoliata provides a wide range of frozen pastry products to convenience stores looking to expand their pastry menus or offer more choices regarding their customers’ favorite delicacies, cheesepie and bougatsa pie. At the same time, we offer a number of excellent choices in the categories most in demand by the industry’s audience, cheese pie and bougatsa.

Our power is our partnerships

Since its founding in 1998, Elliniki Sfoliata has collaborated with multiple businesses from different foodservice, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Our first and foremost priority has always been to properly honor every partnership and actively support our partners. That’s why we always try to meet their needs with concrete solutions and constantly optimize our production cost, speed, and quality.

It’s our way of rightfully earning our partners’ trust and building longstanding, mutually beneficial business relationships. Such partnerships provide us with intangible capital to build upon while expanding our business and clientele across new markets, domestic and global.


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