With faith in our familiar character

We create, we offer, we share

The Constandinides family started Elliniki Sfoliata in 1998. They still run the company today based on their solid founding values, longstanding experience, and deep know-how.

Elliniki Sfoliata draws its most resilient business qualities from its family-run model. Our commitment to pure materials and homemade flavors allows us to offer frozen pastry products of the highest quality. Our faith in teamwork and mutually beneficial partnerships helps us develop constantly and efficiently. And our love for what we do and everything we have worked for empowers us to surpass our limitations and shortcomings.

The very subject of our work is synonymous with the joy of sharing your labor of love with those closest to you. The Greek pie is a delicacy that brings family members together around the same table to savor a flavorful connection to their common tradition.

We invest in our people

That’s why Elliniki Sfoliata has always been, still is, and always will be a large, close-knit family.

It’s one of our fundamental principles that includes all our employees who have been laboring daily to secure our company’s success. We owe everything we have accomplished to the remarkable people who have stood beside us since day one and everyone who joined our professional family later as Elliniki Sfoliata grew bigger through time.

By keeping the company’s familial character intact, we are confident we can march together toward reaching the top of the highly competitive frozen food sector.

Which values have propelled Elliniki Sfoliata to the top of its market?