The humble beginnings and initial success

The story of Elliniki Sfoliata began more than two decades ago in Thessaloniki, where its founders, the Constandinides family, established the company’s first headquarters.

During those unforgettable initial steps in the competitive frozen pastry sector, we relied on a tight-knit team of twenty people. Our company was a new player fighting to establish itself and lay the groundwork for its future success. As time passed, Elliniki Sfoliata rose to prominence, amassing achievements and gradually expanding its activity by building strategic, long-term partnerships with bakery franchises, five-star hotels, and convenience store chains. Meanwhile, we began exporting to European markets like Cyprus, Germany, and Belgium.

As business grew, demands became higher, and the company’s operational needs changed, both in human resources and production capacity levels.

A new home for a growing family

A few years after its humble start, Elliniki Sfoliata was successful enough to go through its first upgrade by relocating from its Thessaloniki headquarters to a brand new manufacturing unit in an 1130 m2 privately owned plot in the Lagkadas region.

At the same time, our professional family grew in numbers. From twenty people in 1998, we gradually went to 85 invaluable employees who still give their best every day across the company’s sales and accounting departments, production and quality control units, and private distribution vehicle fleet. 

Step by step, through hard work and dedicated goal-setting, the once small family business became a dynamically growing frozen pastry company that keeps adding new, exciting chapters to its rich history.

How will Elliniki Sfoliata become even more competitive?