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With attention to premium culinary experiences

Inspired by its deep manufacturing experience and longstanding collaboration with local producers, Elliniki Sfoliata has created a product series with a strong focus on superior culinary journeys. Our premium products combine our exquisite, tradition-inspired pastries with select local materials to offer consumers exceptional pies that can satisfy even the most demanding palate.

We present you with four unique, sophisticated delicacies adorned with exceptional quality products from different regions of Greece, distinguished European cheeses, and other select ingredients:

• Premium Cheddar: The cosmopolitan!
• Premium Kasseri pie: The matured!
• Premium cheesepie: The upgraded!
• Premium Epirus chicken pie: The highlander!

These four savory pies each offer a unique culinary character, ready to be discovered by food lovers seeking delicious combinations of select new and timeless flavors.

Premium Cheddar: the cosmopolitan!

A real explosion of flavors, made possible by combining three exquisite cheeses (the buttery Cheddar with the mature Graviera and the refined Blue cheese) with a premium Greek cold cut, the En Elladi pork-leg ham.

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Premium Kasseri pie: the mature!

A unique Kasseri-filled pastry that takes us on a culinary trip to the towering slopes of the Pindos mountains with each bite. A region with deep-rooted cheesemaking traditions and one-of-a-kind cheeses like this savory Kasseri from Grevena.

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Premium Cheesepie: the upgraded!

A total revelation for cheesepie lovers on a quest for novel taste profiles that summon diverse flavors and aromas from all over Greece. Just like this mouthwatering cheese-filled pastry with delicious Feta from the Chalkidiki peninsula.

premium tyropita

Premium Epirus Chicken pie: the highlander!

A country-style savory pastry filled with Epirotic chicken breast fillet, dairy cream, and cornflakes that perfectly recreates the culinary traditions of Epirus, the mountainous Greek region with the richest and most diverse history of pie-making. 

Elliniki Sfoliata offers four distinct options, four pies waiting to be discovered by those looking for taste experiences with special characteristics and unique combinations of selected and beloved products!

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What inspires us to create our unique frozen pastry products?