Powered by modern production methods

Steadily developing since 1998

From the company’s beginnings in its first manufacturing unit until today, Elliniki Sfoliata follows the optimal and most reliable production methods to secure maximum product safety and quality.

As the company develops through the years, it has never stopped adjusting its operations to the latest advancements in our industry. We always aim to speed up production, increase efficiency, and raise quality without compromising our products’ traditional character and content purity. To that end, we only use solid manufacturing technology solutions and cutting-edge quality control and assurance techniques.

In the highly regulated food sector, the proper handling and safe processing of raw materials is the basis for achieving top-quality results. Eventually, constant process modernization and optimization yield multiple benefits for our company, partners, and consumers.

Constantly preparing for a more competitive future

During the last few years, Elliniki Sfoliata has been topping its market while extending its domestic and global clientele. As expected, we have been facing a pressing need to adjust production to the increased demands.

Our dual response to the many challenges that come with our success is planning ahead and making critical upgrades to our production processes. Our latest plan, currently under implementation, is to relocate once again to our new, state-of-the-art industrial facilities. In our upgraded manufacturing unit, we can increase production speed and quantity while lowering product costs without compromising our trademark quality.

That way, Elliniki Sfoliata will become even more competitive, boldly raising the bar in the production and distribution of frozen pastry products.

Which founding quality of Elliniki Soliata remains untouched by change?