With trust in the purity of our ingredients

Selected raw materials from the Greek land

The quality of a food product, like the ones we create every day at Elliniki Sfoliata, is determined by the quality of its separate ingredients.

By ensuring the pure origins of our materials, we guarantee our end products uphold the highest possible standards. That’s why we always work with the finest produce of the ever-giving Greek land. Our pastries and pastry-based products contain flour from select crops and genuine Greek olive oil, butter, cheese, and eggs, all grown exclusively by mid and high-volume local producers.

We always select our suppliers based on their compliance with the strictest quality requirements. And we only use materials we consider ideal for our recipes and the special flavors we aspire to offer our customers.

Freshness and safety without compromises

We can absolutely guarantee that our products are made of the purest ingredients thanks to the HACCP quality assurance system and our own regular, strict sampling inspections.

At the same time, we make sure all the materials we collect are stored and handled precisely as intended. It doesn’t matter if it’s sensitive or not; every material is preserved in optimal conditions. And every ingredient is used in its freshest form because we never exceed the quantities we need for production. Eventually, our products reach our retail partners in top condition, timely distributed by our qualified transport fleet.

In the frozen foods business, the stakes are incredibly high to leave anything in chance, so we take care of even the smallest detail. We want our raw materials to be pure because they are more than mere ingredients. They are the natural “yeast” that gives our products their unique characteristics and inimitable quality.