With Respect For Tradition

From the Greek land to our table

The native cereals of our motherland provide the centuries-old foundation of the traditional Greek diet. Since ancient times, every summer across the planes and mountains, the country’s golden wheat fields blessed the people with the year’s harvest. Not only to those who cultivated them, but to every Greek household

In their traditional mills, wheat was ground into flour. And in the hands of the Greek homemakers, the flour became their families’ daily bread and simple pastries that adorned their holiday tables. But above all, it became the basis for the traditional Greek pies, the heart and soul of their frugal yet hearty cuisine.

Those mouthwatering pies made with handcrafted filo pastry, artfully rolled on the kitchen table with the traditional rolling pin. Just like our seasoned grandmothers made them in our loving, nostalgic recollections.

Enduring values, authentic tastes

There is no Greek man or woman lacking that heartwarming connection to their homeland’s traditional cuisine. And there is no village in Greece short of local pie-making traditions and distinct regional flavors.

These everlasting images and timeless aromas of the plentiful Greek tradition are a perpetual inspiration for Elliniki Sfoliata. They are what drives us every single day to create unique pastry products, delicious pies, and other timeless delicacies.

By honoring the values of our collective past, we serve our vision to the fullest without compromises. Since 1998, we have kept the essence of the traditional, homemade Greek pie intact, inviting every pie-lover to the most genuine culinary journeys.

What’s the story behind Elliniki Sfoliata;