Our driving force and the “family” factor

From the beginning, Elliniki Sfoliata has been fueled by its founders’ vision to provide unique, high-quality pastry products with respect for the purity of local materials and time-honored flavors.

To reach our goal, we stay committed to preserving the familiar, traditional elements that connect our products to the culinary memories of those who will enjoy them. That’s why we build long-term partnerships with select local producers to supply us with raw materials coming straight from the Greek land, our people’s centuries-old endless source of life.

Our company’s unequivocal familial character profoundly influences how we perceive our pastry products as invaluable items created with love and care to share with our loved ones.

The six pillars of our longstanding success

At Elliniki Sfoliata, we don’t make compromises when it comes to our goals and values. We ensure the quality and safety of our products through modern production methods and efficient practices for the control and optimization of our process.

At the same time, our decades-long experience in the frozen pastry sector leads us to strategic decisions that enhance our products, empower our brand, and strengthen our partnerships. It’s our lifelong commitment to support our partners in every way and build mutually beneficial business relationships that stand the test of time and competition.

By honoring our vision and principles, we make dynamic, targeted steps ahead based on the six pillars of our success: tradition, purity, family values, vast experience, teamwork, and alignment with our industry’s contemporary demands.

How do we ensure the superior quality of our products?